About This System

What is this system all about?
Pretty simple -- it's a free, easy way to track down your fellow Whitman alums, as well as find out about reunions.
Why should I add my information to the system?
By adding your information, you're registered to use the system. Currently, registered users enjoy extra privileges when searching; they can see more than just a person's name, college, and email address.
I've seen other sites claiming to be the Whitman Alumni Site too. What about those?
There are some companies that build generic alumni sites for any school they can find a name for. Feel free to put your information in there if you like. Just realize that my system has been around since 1997, and has over 8,000 people in it -- way more than any other system. Also, I'm not doing this for commercial gain, nor for other schools, so I'm not really looking to compete. This is the only site run by a Whitman alum (class of '94). The other sites are a bit more flashy, but they also want your money. My site is free. On top of that, most alumni organizers contact me when they need information about organizing a reunion, since my site has the most people in it. You'll also notice mine is the only site linked from Whitman's homepage. To dispel any rumours: there are no plans to shut down this site.

Some Whitman alumni have set up sites for their specific class, and I'm happy to provide links to those. In general, they usually like that you continue to keep your contact details up to date on the site you're currently on, and I then work with them to provide this information when they need it. Here are the sites I'm aware of, please send others if you know about them:

I registered to use the system. How do I know it works?
When you registered, you chose a password. Every time you get on the site, choose the login option, and enter your email address and password to login. You'll know you're logged in if the links on the left side of the screen change, so that there is a logout option instead of a login option. You'll also notice other "little changes." For instance, when you search for alumni, your graduation year will automatically be selected.
Help! I forgot my password!
Not a problem. Look up the e-mail address we have for you in the system. Once you know that, go to the forgot password page, type in that e-mail address, and your password will be e-mailed to you. If for some reason that e-mail address is no longer valid, e-mail me and I'll take care of it.
I am in charge of my reunion that we're organizing this year. Is there anything you can do to help?
Yes. I can run an automated program to e-mail all the people in your class (that are in the database) with reunion information. E-mail me to make arrangements.

Rick Neumann (Class of 1970 Reunion Committee Chair) says they have been quite successful at putting together simple, low-cost reunions, and is happy to share their experiences and provide some tips. He has put together a great list of suggestions, and he's also the manager of a band fittingly named the Vi-Kings which can play at reunion events.

Do you have any information on my upcoming reunion?
Nope. Unless it's on the front page (news), I don't have any information about it. My suggestion is to email fellow classmates and see if any of them know. If you find out any information, please e-mail me and I'll be glad to post it on the site. Your classmates will be grateful.
I'm trying to track down a long-lost girlfriend/mistress/friend/lover/boy-toy/etc and I searched on the site, but I couldn't find them. Can you help?
Unfortunately, I can't. Everything you see on the site is the only information I have.
Since this is the Internet, I'm paranoid about privacy. What are you doing about it?
I respect your privacy. I'm not as paranoid as most people, but I have concerns as well. Random users who wander in off the Net can search for alumni. However, the only information they can access is a person's name, email address, college, and graduation year. I don't consider this a major violation of privacy, since this information is fairly public anyway. Registered users can find out more information about people, but no one can access your street address or your zip code, even if you chose to provide them when registering your name with the system. The only reason I store this is to aid in contacting people for future reunions. This is all further detailed on the screen you see when you add your information to the system. If you still have privacy concerns, contact me.
I'm Bart Simpson, who the heck are you? (remember that quote?)
You could find this stuff out just by searching for "Justin Fidler" you know :) I graduated from Whitman in 1994. I own and founded Sona Systems, which produces web software for managing psychological research in universities.
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